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If you're out of USA and can't view some of the videos, try Download, turn on, and watch! It's free and safe. ;)

But first try clicking the YouTube logotype and sometimes it opens or else copy the title, paste and search. Someone else might have posted the same video without restrictions  


We have, at least for now, closed our forum section, but there is NeoProAna, , an ADULT PRO ANA site for those 25 years of age or older and have had an eating disorder for a prolonged period of time. 
Other recommended sites are Project Shapeshift and.. Well who needs more :) But it looks like the haters have managed to make most of the support activety under ground. Not a good thing, as it is out of reach, out of control. Surely there are good underground places, but also not so good. Stay safe :)

Note Members can also now post videos. Please add only ED related videos. 

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