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Pro Ana means support for those who lives with an ED - it does not mean Pro/for Anorexia !



The forum section is closed

Also as a limited member you can access the Video Page of course :)

As the forum section has fallen asleep I highly recommend:

NeoProAna if you are over 30 years old and have an ED of the restrictive kind

or of course

Project Shapeshift -

At that URL you can chose the forum or some remains from the old

Anas Underground Grotto

Those sites are NOT about becoming sick in anorexia or EDNOS or any other ED

It is about being at a safe place for us who are already there, where you can be yourself

without being judged and try to find the way to a better life

If you have watched some TV-show where they say Pro Ana teach people to lose weight...
It is a lie! Never trust the media - do your own research
To lose weight - just reduce the food intake A LITTLE
You do not need a website, a method or anything for that!

So don't believe Dr Oz or any diet pills salesmen

More and more Pro Ana sites are going underground

out of control

thanks to ignorant haters and the ED industry

An open letter to the Italian Parliament, against the criminalization of ?pro-ana? websites

A dangerous new law could turn into a public health disaster.

https:[email protected][email protected]tion-of-pro-ana-websites-fbb3c8756920

What does Pro Ana mean? So many people has their own answer to that. One short answer would be "not, at least for the moment, in recovery". But there are also Pro Ana sites that are all about Recovery. 

What it does NOT mean is idealizing an illness! Post Pro Ana - "post" indicates "after the honey moon"

We support each other - not a disease

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

From now on you have to sign up even to access the video section. It may seem to overdo it as the videos can be found at YouTube but as we have the age limit it is logical that we do not support someone  younger in finding the videos. 
We accept new members from the age of 30 years old and up only!

As a limited member you can access the videos and part of the forum 
                                           Living with an ED
The Post Pro Ana sites is/was run by Ed Nose, AtticSecret, Alba, ShinyDragonfly  and TheyCallMehKidd
Now I, EdNose, still look after this old site as just a video collection
 We are here to share, to discuss, to enjoy each others company. So no offensive statements about members or other forums. 
No name-calling. The term "wannarexic" is forbidden when used about others.
Please write "triggering" or *TW* in the posts title when it is appropriate. 

There is lots of video links at this forum. All kind of ED related films. They can be very informative but remember that they also can be triggering 

 Disclaimer: This forum is mainly for those having an eating disorder and/or SI. If you do not have one, we strongly discourage you from joining if you do not join as a conceded parent or something. They say you can not get ED from being at a Pro Ana site, and that is true. But you can get triggered by sites like Pro Ana or the weight watchers or what ever, or by TV programs like Biggest Loser or Supersize v/s Supersize. Stay safe - it is your life and that is the only life you will get

We all support each other 
and keep each other sane


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