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Adult Anas - selective eaters - ED related or not 

ProAna for adults - For health, not for starvation



As a limited member you can only access the Video Pages :)

We are reopening the forum section, but we also highly recommend:

Project Shapeshift - 

At that URL you can chose the forum OR some remains of the old

Anas Underground Grotto. A historical document, to be read as such - no more, no less

If you have watched some TV-show where they say Pro Ana teach people to lose weight...
It is a just a lie! Never trust the media - do your own research
Don't believe Dr Oz or any diet pills salesmen

More and more Pro Ana sites are going underground
and out of sight and out of control
thanks to ignorant haters and the ED rehab industry!

Pro Ana does NOT mean is idealizing an illness!

Post Pro Ana  -  "after the honey moon"

We support each other - not a disease

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From now on you have to sign up even to access the video section. It may seem to overdo it as the videos can be found at YouTube but as we have the age limit it is logical that we do not support someone  younger in finding the videos. 
We accept only adults as members!

 We are here to share, to discuss, to enjoy each others company. 
So no offensive statements about members or other forums. 
No name-calling. The term "wannarexic" is forbidden when used about others.

There is lots of video links at this forum. All kind of ED related films. They can be very informative but remember that they also can be triggering 

 Disclaimer: This forum is mainly for those having an eating disorder and/or SI. If you do not have one, we strongly discourage you from joining if you do not join as a worried parent or friend.
They say you can not get ED from being at a Pro Ana site, and that is true. But you can get triggered by sites like Pro Ana as well as the Weight Watchers or what ever, or by TV programs like Biggest Loser or Supersize v/s Supersize. Stay safe - it is your life and that is the only life you will get

We all support each other 
and keep each other sane
                                           Living with an ED

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